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About Me

I am a South African journalist based between Johannesburg and New York. I have reported for Al Jazeera English from across the African continent, as well as South Asia, covering politics, development and poverty. I am the author of Zuma’s Bastard (Two Dogs Books) and The Moslems are Coming (Harper Collins India) and an e-single No country for the poor (Harper Collins India).

I have also written for The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, Guardian, Middle East Eye, among others. My “At World’s End” foreign policy column with Independent Newspapers ran for two years before it was censored in September 2018.

Selected writings have also been published in the anthology “Undressing Durban” (Madiba Publishers, 2007), “How Free is Free?” (Arterial Network, 2015; download it here for free) and in the poetry compilation “Fire in the Soul” (New Internationalist, 2009).

Other work:

Over and above my writing, I am particularly interested in the future of media, issues of representation and transformation in the newsroom.

In 2014 I co-founded The Daily Vox in South Africa, a digital platform that provides youth with a chance to elevate their stories into the national conversation. Read more about The Daily Vox here  or here.

In October 2018 I joined the Nieman Foundation  as a visiting fellow to explore how digital media can improve their coverage of neglected stories from rural South Africa.

If you are looking to collaborate or have a story idea, do get in touch .